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[Steady Rest] 방진구의 새로운 이름 "FAR"
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Fenwick and Ravi (FAR) is a leading machine
tool company established in the year 1990 at Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka state in India. Situated on a 1 acre facility with about 22,000 sq.ft. of built up area.
FAR specialise in the manufacture of Bar feeders and Self Centring  for CNC turning canter, special purpose machine like crank shaft web milling ,crank shaft oil hole drilling, crank shaft pin milling, cylindrical drilling, crankshaft grinding and cam shaft grinding etc.,
We are equipped with the state of art technology, highly qualified and experienced people who are the back born of our of or organisation. FAR products go through stringent quality control process right from design to the finishing stage we can even provide customised solution as per the clients requirements
FAR Products have application in different kind of industries like auto mobile sector, defence railways aerospace machine tool industry etc. FAR Products are competent with machines like. Hass, Deawoo, Takisawa, Morieseieki, Mazak, KIA, Hundai, Landis, Schaudt, Toss along wit other Indian machines.
Since 2004 onwards FAR exports its products to countries like Italy, France, USA, Canada Brazil, Middle east, Australia, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey etc,
We at Far believe high quality products and the Price advantage are the key to success in a keen competitive market. FAR has  a vision to be among the top manufacture of machine ? tool accessories in  the world and is resolutely towards archiving the goals.