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[Steady Rest] Super feed
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FAR SUPERFEED can be attached to any kind of turning machine with out making any modification to the machine. It is specially suited for high speed turning machine
No removal of guide tube to accommodate the whole clamping range only manual indexing is sufficient
Unattended bar machining possible by interfacing to the CNC system of the machine 
Round, hexagon, square and other profile can be fed.
Ground guide way facilities free lateral and longitudinal movement 
Far can supply any rage according to the customer requirements  
Length of Bars: standard models
3 meter/4meters(other length optional)
Rotation speed: Rotational speed up to 
400 rpm
Hydraulics Self contained hydraulic unit with high filtration capacity, tank capacity-100 litre valves pressure gauge
Electrical equipments: fully protected control and power circuit 440v,3 Phase, 50 Hz 75 hp
Weight 700 kg (approx)
Models                                           Range
FAR SUPERFEED 22                          10 to 22
FAR SUPERFEED 36                          10 to 36
FAR SUPERFEED 44                          10 to 44
FAR SUPERFEED 54                          15 to 54
FAR SUPERFEED 65                          20 to 65
FAR SUPERFEED 80                          35 to 84