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[Rotary Joints] Bearingless Rotary Unions
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G10C.jpg Pressure
bar / psi
°C / °F

Flow Rate

lpm / gpm

105 / 1,500 120 / 250 40,000 28 / 7.4

Bearingless coolant unions are designed for integrated installations on spindles. The bearingless coolant unions use spindle bearings and the spindle housing construction to apply coolant through the spindle (CTS). Most of the bearingless coolant unions are designed to integrate with the spindle design and are often custom to the specific application. Features that can be incorporated into the design include:

  • Dry run capabilities
  • Coolant, MQL, or oil mist
  • Compressed air
  • Lipseal for added spindle protection
  • Stroke for drawbar movement
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