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[Rotary Joints] Cataloge/ Fluiten brand Type Z Rotary Joint Overview
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Type Z rotary joints are designed for demanding thermal oil applications up to 350°C and in sizes ranging from 19mm (3/4") up to 100mm (4").

Type Z rotary joints from Johnson-Fluiten are designed for high temperature thermal oil applications as well as steam and water. The joint is supported by two internal carbon guides (bearings) and can run up to 1000 rpm and 350°C.

The proprietary antimony impregnated carbon seal ring is in compression sealing against the stainless steel nipple and seal plate. This seal package combination provides for a long-lasting and low maintenance rotary joint.

The nipple and seal plate are machined on CNC machinery mounted on a synthetic granite baseplate. This allows for minimal vibrations and high quality machining that cannot be achieved with traditional machining centers.

The type Z rotary joint is available in sizes from 19 mm to 102 mm with both flanged and threaded connections.

Operating Parameters
Sizes 19 mm to 202 mm (3/4" to 4")
Pressure 35 bar (510 psig)
Temperature 350°C (650°F)
Speed Up to 1000 RPM (see PV curves below)